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Witness: Tara
Location: Charlotte, Michigan
Date of Encounter: December 2008 to present

This is the story of my experience with the shadow on the wall. This encounter took place at what was my then my work place. I'm not sure if it is my imagination or not, but what I saw made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and shook me up a bit.

In December my mother and my two brothers moved into a new home in Charlotte, Michigan. It's a tiny yellow house, but our family found great comfort and relief when moving in, since we hadn't had a home that was ours in a long while. My older brother, Tyler, was to be sleeping in the basement, which was fine with him since the basement has about four separate rooms that would all be his.

The first night he tried sleeping in the basement our dog refused to stay down there with him. He says she "spazzed out" and refused to curl up with him like she normally does. Tyler says that after a while in the basement he could not sleep; he felt as if someone was watching him. Ever since, Tyler has slept on the couch upstairs, and our dog, Maddie will not step foot in the basement.

We keep finding broken windows around us. My mother's windshield was shattered out, as well as returning home to random windows being bashed out once in a while. A little over a month ago, my fourteen-year-old brother, Corrie ran into my mother's room looking pale and wide-eyed. He was yelling for my mother. When my mom asked him what was wrong, he said, "Someone pushed me in the bathroom!" Being a bit skeptical, my mother and I asked him to explain. He stated he was standing at the toilet, taking a pee, and someone shoved him very hard into the door. He proceeded to sit at the end of my mother's bed afterwards saying, "I'm going to be sick. I'm gonna puke," hugging a trash can.

About a week later, my older brother, Tyler rushed into my mother's room, looking the exact same as my little brother had. He said, "Mom, were you just talking to me?" When my mother said no, Tyler flipped out. He states that he was going to the bathroom… minding his own business… and he heard whispering. He said that once he listened closely and ruled out it being my younger brother because he was at a friend's, he heard the whispering again, only louder and directly in his ear as if someone was kneeling next to him. He ran to my mother's room without even finishing using the restroom he was so frightened.

Things fly around the kitchen. I watched a bag of bread fly from one side of the fridge to the other, falling on the floor. When we wake in the night, the pantry door to the basement is open, even thought we make sure it's always closed before bed. When sitting in the living room, there are a lot of times when I could swear it sounds as if someone's in there cooking or moving around. At these times, the only people in our home are present in the living room. Even cousins and family and friends who come over witness and hear what we do, which helps us believe that we aren't going crazy.

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