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Witness: Eli Maki
Location: Vietnam
Date of Encounter: February 22, 2010, 8:56 am

A few days ago, I was sitting on my bed in a small room that has a side window. I turned on my computer and started listening to music. Everything was OK until suddenly, I saw a human shadow through the window.

It was just a shadow, yet I could make out the head and the body (there were no hands or legs, etc). It disappeared after five seconds. I was shocked!

I turned on the light and ran down to find out who it might be. You know what? My yard was empty. I looked around for a few minutes then I came back home. I still didn't know who or what it was.

But that wasn't all. That night, I went to bed around 11 pm. I had just fallen asleep when I suddenly woke up and felt frozen. I couldn't move. Something was pushing my body and I was hurting. After a few minutes of being frozen, I then felt like I was about to blow up. I got out my bed and I was breathing hard.

I had no idea what was happening. Then, I heard some strange sounds from my kitchen. It sounded like someone eating cake. I ran down my kitchen, turned on the light and taaadaaa, there was nothing down there.

Around midnight, I was freaking out so I called my friend to come to my house. When he drove up, I saw a girl in a white dress and with long hair standing next to the gatehouse. I felt scared, and I screamed to my friend, "Hey, watch your back!"

Just then, the figure disappeared.

My friend saw it, as well, and he was more frightened than I was! He ran inside the house and puked. He said the shadow had been right next to him. The figure looked like a 20-year-old girl with a white face.

We sat next to the bed until morning. The next day, I invited my another friend to come over and take some pictures. But nothing happened that day or the day after. I think the ghost just visited the house to make us look like fools!

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