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Witness: Shivam
Location: Meerut, India
Date of Encounter: May 7, 2004

One day I wounded my hand while playing in a neighborhood hostel. I stood there helpless, as I was scared to go back home. I knew my father would scold me, for sure.

I decided to spend the night at the hostel. My friend, Deepak, was there. We were sleeping in separate rooms. I had a dream that a girl in a white dress was standing in the corner of my room saying that it was three o'clock and that I should wake up.

I immediately woke up and actually saw a girl in the corner of room! Yet, it was like mist so got up and went to touch it. I could feel it or her or whatever on my fingers. I went out shouting, Deepak, Deepak!

I found the guard and he told me that there was actually no one there. I don't know what struck me to ask the guard what time it was.

"It is 3:00 o'clock now," he said.

I started feeling very scared and went back home. I still feel very scared when I remember this incident. No one can explain what happened.

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