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Witness: Kipsy
Location: Denver, Colorado
Date of Encounter: March 2010,2011

Last year, my husband, our two teenage children and me were sitting in the family room when a softball-sized blue-white light floated midair in the kitchen. It then arched across the room and disappeared into the wall by the fireplace.

For a few pregnant minutes, we all sat there stunned and unsure of what to say.

My teenage daughter finally said, "Umm…guys? Did you just see that?"

We all had of course, but dismissed it as "ball lightning." A few months later, I was lying in bed reading (alone) when I heard a male voice clear its throat as if trying to get my attention. I looked up from my book expecting to see my husband but no one was there.

This "voice" returned several nights afterwards I would either hear throat clearing or someone speaking at a low volume. Finally, a few nights ago (early March), and entire family and I were once again gathered in the family room watching TV when something else happened.

I can only describe it as a streak of whitish-blue light that flew through the air at knee level. An audible "pop" was heard as it vanished into the sofa. I know its not my brain or faulty eyesight. Everyone in the room simultaneously said, "Did you see that?"

We all similarly described the light's size, shape, color and location as well as the "cracking" noise. What gives? Thoughts? Suggestions? br

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