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Forever Family Foundation to present Investigations of Consciousness and the Unseen World

Oceanside, NY — Forever Family Foundation, a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that supports the premise that life does not end with physical death, today announced a groundbreaking conference that will bring together world renowned scientists, medical doctors, researchers, and mediums with a goal of educating the general public. The conference, scheduled for January 19-20, 2008 at the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center, will help raise awareness among the general public about the extensive research of consciousness and its implications that we survive our physical deaths.

“This will be the first scientific conference of its kind geared to general audiences,” said Robert Ginsberg, co-founder of Forever Family Foundation, “One of our goals at Forever Family Foundation is to further the understanding of life after physical death. Mainstream science has historically ignored the study of consciousness, and we have brought together experts who are at the forefront of such research who will present evidence that our minds are not dependent on our brains.”

The two-day conference is designed for the public rather than a scientific audience. The speakers will present bodies of evidence on near-death experiences, reincarnation, the nature of consciousness, quantum physics, ghosts and apparitions, afterlife encounters, mediumship, and other phenomena that suggest an existence beyond our physical lives.

“It is time for the scientific community to bring survival of consciousness research out of the labs, files, peer review journals, and private conferences,” said Dianne Arcangel, President of Forever Family Foundation. “By bringing our findings into the public arena, we offer comfort to the bereaved as well as necessary education and hope to the masses.”

Confirmed Presenters:
Dr. Fred Alan Wolf – Physicist, author, lecturer, and What The Bleep contributor
Dr. Dean Radin – Consciousness researcher, author, and senior scientist at I.O.N.S.
Dr. Gary Schwartz – Investigations of mediumship, professor, author of The Afterlife Experiments
Dr. Bruce Greyson – Research of near-death experiences, medical doctor, author
Dr. Jim Tucker – Reincarnation studies, medical doctor, author of Life Before Life
Dr. Arthur Hastings – Psychomanteum research, author and professor
Loyd Auerbach, M.S. – Apparitions, professor, author, and paranormal investigator
Dianne Arcangel, M.S. – Afterlife encounter research, author of Afterlife Encounters
Robert Brown – Demonstration of mediumship, author, and lecturer
Hollister Rand – Demonstration of mediumship, integration of science and music

Conference details:
Title: Investigations of Consciousness and the Unseen World – Proof of an Afterlife?
Dates: January 19-20, 2008
Location: Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA
Admission: $225-$275
Conference Website:

In addition to the two-day conference, Forever Family Foundation also announced a psychic entertainment event, Mindreading by the Bay. This special fundraising event will feature Loyd Auerbach, Professor Paranormal, and other psychic entertainers. Tickets to this separate event are $25-$45 and are not included with conference admission.

About Forever Family Foundation
Forever Family Foundation is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that supports the premise that life does not end with physical death, furthers the understanding of Afterlife Science and survival of consciousness, and offers support to the bereaved. . Among the active members of the organization and the executive board are scientists, researchers, medical doctors, philosophers and educators who have devoted substantial parts of their careers to the investigation of the survival hypothesis – an existence beyond this physical world.

Robert Ginsberg
Forever Family Foundation

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