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Witness: Lisa
Location: Poulsbo, Washington
Date of Encounter: January of 1996

I grew up in a family that was very open-minded about the spirit world and psychic encounters. A lot of the women in my family were psychic in some way or another including myself. I can feel energies and can see images in my head from the feelings I receive from those energies. I have had many dreams that foresaw things that would happen. The best way that I can describe how I know that they will happen is because I feel a familiar feeling with the dreams. Some, I feel, tell me of my past lives.

While growing up, I was curious about understanding my abilities, but didn't want to delve too deep because I knew nothing about it and didn't want to open a door to something I did not know was on the other side. My brother, on the other hand, wanted so badly to develop physic "powers/abilities." I do not know if he really ever had a gift. I just know that he went looking for things and not for the right reasons. He did it for a feeling of power. I may not know much about these things, but I do feel that if one is to try and focus and develop their psychic abilities, they must do it for the right reasons and do so when they are confident with themselves and their lives. He would talk to me about how he could see things around buildings or other objects by pushing his spirit out through his head like a snake or something. I just thought that he was telling tall tales, but then he started going deeper and deeper into things. He started visiting a cemetery that he had heard about from someone. They had told him that it was haunted. He went there quite a bit and eventually told me that he had made some friends there. I asked him who and he then told me hat they were spirits that stayed there. He said that they were there to guard a tree in the cemetery from evil and that he helped them. He then told me that he had one friend in particular from the cemetery that he let speak through him. Part of me thought he was weird, but I was also worried that something was wrong. He invited me to go up and meet his friend. My brother had a "living" friend who would go up there with him all the time as well. I went up there with the two of them. My brother went over to a gravestone, stood behind it, and put his hands on both sides of the stone. He then proceeded by smiling and giving it a hug. I was very worried. He acted as if it was a dear friend and was full of love and admiration toward it. He looked down and started taking deep long breaths. After a few moments, he finally looked up and started to walk toward me. My brother's "living" friend talked with him first and then introduced me to him. My brother kept trying to look at me. He had the same voice, but had different mannerisms. His head kept going from side to side, trying to see me. He said, "I cannot see you." I knew why this was. I put up a block from him. I acted dumb and told him that it was probably too dark for him to see me. He nodded, but still kept trying to see me. He started to talk about how someone drove over one of his friend's graves. He said that he was going to lure the people back to the graveyard and that my brother and his friend were going to kill them. My brother's friend nodded and looked excited about it. I could not believe what was going on. I could not believe that they were both okay with what was going on. My brother had told me before we went to the graveyard that he was fully aware of what was being said when he let the spirit channel through him. I could not believe that this was true because had he really known what this thing was saying, he wouldn't go there anymore. I acted dumb and didn't protest. I just said, "Thanks for talking with us," and that it was nice to meet him. I just wanted to get away from there without any problems. After that, I never went back there and I knew that my brother was so far into this that I could not help him. He didn't want to be helped. I was pregnant at the time and didn't want to get involved in any way so that I could protect my baby. At one point of my pregnancy, I had a kidney infection and had to be hospitalized. My brother came to visit me in the hospital and told me that the baby would die. I cut off ties with him for a while because of that. It was only last year when I talked with him about what had happened. He was shocked. He looked absolutely terrified and shocked. He didn't remember ever saying any of those terrible things.

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