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San Diego Paranormal: The City's Most HauntedDVD: San Diego Paranormal: The City’s Most Haunted
Hosted by Butch Patrick and featuring Bonnie Vent
Producer: Avalon Multimedia (Fall 2004)
Time: 29 minutes – Price: $19.95

Interview with Bonnie Vent of San Diego Paranormal

San Diego Paranormal: The City’s Most Haunted takes the viewer on San Diego, California’s "Ghost and Gravestones Tour." With tour stops at the William Heath Davis House, Villa Montezuma, and the Whaley House — the viewer gets to look in and around some of the city’s best-loved haunts. Butch Patrick (who starred as Eddie on the1960s television show, The Munsters) hosts the tour then steps back as psychic Bonnie Vent interprets what she senses at the various locations. had the opportunity to ask Vent about the new DVD. 

How did you first get interested in the supernatural?
Bonnie Vent: It has always been a part of my life. My grandmother came from England and she used to read tea leaves. The supernatural was always presented as entertainment. We would get together and do the levitation of the largest person in the group by using our fingertips — this was just a part of my life. I never thought anything of it. I always loved to read mystery stories and never missed the Twilight Zone or Night Gallery. I also like The Munsters and The Addams Family. I guess I was just bent in that direction.

How long have you been investigating San Diego haunts?
BV: I have been very active since the year 2000. I get directed where to go and what to do. I don’t seek out places to investigate they seem to seek me out. There are always action items associated with the houses I visit. The spirits in the house seem to be looking for my assistance in taking care of unfinished business.

When did you film San Diego – the City’s Most Haunted?
BV: It was originally filmed in the summer of 2004. It was actually done for another project that was a travel show — that is why it has that Travel Channel kind of flavor to it. The other show was not picked up so the footage was shelved. I ask Avalon Multimedia (the producers) if we could make the footage stand on its own. With the help of some prior footage of the Villa Montezuma I did for a show called "Macabre Theatre" we were able to put together what you see today.

Did you experience any of the spirits off-camera while on your tour?
BV: I was on camera the entire time, but there were several encounters. We were, however, on a tour that moved very quickly. We were not in any one place for very long. We did spend more time after the tour at the Whaley House.

What San Diego haunt do you feel is the most active?
BV: I have two, the Whaley House and the Villa Montezuma. They are very different in nature. In the case of the Whaley House, there are several spirits that are stuck there due to past actions that they regret. The Villa Montezuma was designed and built by a medium. In the case of Jesse Shepard, it seems to be more about the house being used for its true purpose, which is to communicate between dimensions. Jesse Shepard comes and goes as he pleases. There are many others in the house that still need to be talked to. 

What were Butch Patrick’s impressions of the haunted tour of the city?
BV: He enjoyed the tour very much. He also seemed to get a kick out of watching me do my thing. Normally he is the one in the spot light. He seemed to take a step back and just observe. Of course he is no stranger to spooky houses after being a part of The Munsters. He did remark to me that the Villa Montezuma reminded him of The Munster house.

Will you be putting together more DVD productions in the future?
BV: We have three projects in pre-production — they are in the New Jersey area. I would like to do more with the Whaley House and the Villa Montezuma, but gaining access to these houses has been very difficult. One night-time investigation at the Whaley House costs $1000. This is actually what caused me to ask about creating the DVDs. This way, everything is documented and we have a hope of generating the money needed to gain access to do more research. 

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