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Restoring Your Eyesight: A Taoist Approach by Doug MarshRestoring Your Eyesight: A Taoist Approach
By Doug Marsh
Publisher: Healing Arts Press (December 2006)
Pages: 229 – Price: $14.95 review

This interesting work is about restoring eyesight from a Taoist perspective. The author, Doug Marsh, carefully details and guides the reader through an invigorating examination of what causes eyesight problems. There is a logical, sound discussion of why lens, contacts, and types of refractive surgery can carry serious risks.

Doug Marsh is a professional engineer and vision educator who lives in Canada. By applying Taoist approaches to eyesight problems as explained in the book, the reader can see how each approach may help in bettering those eyesight problems.

An unusual book, it applies Taoist techniques often overlooked by the public. There is an explanation, discussion, and examination of the epidemic of blurred vision, and how it can be traced to mental, physical, and spiritual imbalances in contemporary society.

For those with eyesight problems, or those wanting to know more about these Taoist approaches, this is an ideal book to consider for purchase. It educates and encourages.

Well-written, this book is enjoyable reading. Highly recommended for its handling of the problems with eyesight in contemporary society.

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