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Psychic Pets: Solving Paranormal Mysteries by Dinah RoseberryPsychic Pets: Solving Paranormal Mysteries
By Dinah Roseberry
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (January 2010)
Pages: 192 – Price: $12.99 author interview

Dinah Roseberry has been writing for many years, and this is her first paranormal book publication about animal communications. She is a gifted writer and a gifted animal communicator. For more information about her many books and activities, please check her out at her website.

Dinah, it is good to visit with you! I greatly enjoyed reading your Psychic Pets: Solving Paranormal Mysteries, and it is one of your finest books. Let me ask you some questions to share with the readers at First, let me ask, what inspired you to write this book?

Dinah Roseberry: I was inspired to write this book because I was seeking a healing for a painful end to a relationship in my life. I’d lost my heart animal of seventeen years-my little dog, Tessa. And I wasn’t getting over it. Working with ghosts, guides, angels and psychics over the years, it didn’t take long for the universe to line up some interesting synchronistic events. While writing a ghost book about Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, I was led to an animal event that was centered around puppy mills, pets, and animals in general but ghost animals too – I felt this would be a good story and a valuable community lesson for the book. It was at this event that I met a woman who would start me down the path to learning how to communicate with animals. I was hooked pretty quickly once she began to communicate with my deceased Tessa. She knew things that she could not possibly have known. My Lancaster book turned into something entirely different at that moment.

How did you develop your special gift as an animal communicator?

For me, I always find that the best way to learn something is to first research it to death, get some samples if I can, read-read-read, then take a class from an expert if one is available. That is just what I did in this case. I had a sample “reading,” did the research, and then took a seminar that taught me how to communicate with animals once I found out that this was something anyone could do if they put their mind to it. (Not an easy undertaking at times, but do-able.)

What do you see and define as the Other Side?

I believe the Otherside is probably different for every person looking for or at it. No one really knows until they get there despite what they tell you or believe. I personally get there by meditation and visualization. It’s an internal process that is as odd as anything I’ve heard or experienced, but it brings me to a place that I can interact with the animals, the guides and the light beings. And I’m happy with my own interpretation. I give that analysis in my book. But everyone should invent their own way to visit the Otherside (short of dying of course). I define it as a place of God, a place of peace, a place of planning and discussion and answers. Or maybe it even encompasses other dimensions. I guess we’ll know when we get there!

Many people still hang on to the mistaken idea that animals and pet companions do not have souls. Would you share your feelings about this with us?

I know I’ll make enemies with some folks out there-even some of my authors-but animals do have souls. I’m usually pretty open-minded. Not on this one.

What is your first awareness that an animal is making communication with you, and how does it start? Are there different approaches?

Sometimes, if one has something to say to me, they will just pop into my head. That is startling. Ghosts of Hollywood‘s Marla Brook’s bird (Bentley) scared me in the shower one morning. Sometimes, I call them to a meeting. And still other times, I need to conduct a full visualization exercise. There are as many different approaches as there are animals and people communicating. For me, it feels like a voice in my head, but it is my voice-which can make one feel as though they are crazy-but a different personality is attached to the voice, one not associated with me at all. (And for anyone who might ask, there are never any negative instructions or such given-it’s not the devil or a demon talking.)

Do you oftentimes feel the intensity of a deceased pet’s missing his or her former human companion?

That intensity is usually not of the animal missing the human, rather the animal worried over the human’s grief. The animal on the Otherside is in a good place-physically, spiritually, and emotionally well, and planning a happy new life. But they can be held to the earth by a grieving human. This saddens and worries them horribly when their human grieves for them.

What can you share with us about Tessa?

Tessa was my heart animal; that is she and I are connected at the soul. I’d recognize her anywhere. She has a paramount role in my book and puts quite a spin on the subject of reincarnation and walk-ins. She’s taught me patience, faith, and how to have a sense of humor. I don’t want to give away specifics, but she took me on a wild ride this past year…and the roller coaster hasn’t pulled into the station yet.

What are some of the most interesting paranormal encounters you have had with animals?

Very recently I lost yet another loving pet and have been grieving. Eventually, it was time to bring a different dog into the mix, but I wanted to be lead by spirit. I was given a clear message from my animal and spirit guides: A dog would come to me via a snow storm. And doncha know we were scheduled for a whopper that coming weekend! So I was checking all the rescue sites, keeping my eyes open for strays (because I always take animals who really need homes)-I was excited! The snow storm was going to bring a new family member in some way. The guides were never wrong! Well, the snow came and went; no dog. Another snow came and went; no dog. I became a grumbler to anyone who would listen and I was less than polite to my guides. In my mind’s eye I saw them shaking their heads. Still I grumbled. They lied to me! Then one day I saw a little dog on, such a sad story. I put in an inquiry. Almost immediately I got a call. A long story goes with this that is interesting in itself, but bottom line, when I asked how the shelter involved had acquired the little guy, I was advised that they’d found him abandoned in a …wait for it…a snow storm. Understanding guides is no easy task, but there was my snow storm. And we have a new addition to the family.

Do you feel more people could sense the presence of their departed pets if they allowed themselves to do so, and what suggestions could you make?

Absolutely, but it’s difficult to believe what you are sensing since this is so outside most peoples’ comfort zone. Try first with live animals and do it with pictures in your head. Give the animal an easy instruction. Sit quietly with the picture in your mind. Focus on the task. The animal does not need to be in the room-in fact, it’s better if it’s not around. See what happens. It won’t happen right away. But notice about an hour later… you may be surprised. Keep trying. Take a class. Not only should you learn to do for the animal’s sake, but it’s fun, too.

How much time went into writing the book?

This book took me over a year to write – and it truly was a heart-felt year that went to the core of my being. I think I’ve learned more in this one year than I have in the last ten.

Do you plan a future sequel to Psychic Pets?

I’m not sure. I believe I’m being pulled in other directions, which is often the case in my line of work. There’s more to learn in the mind, body, spirit world. I hear my name being called.

What inspires you to write, what questions do you seek to ask and answer, and share with readers?

Go with the flow! If you are drawn to something, then there’s a reason for it. Take in all the “coincidences” because there are no such things. Therefore, there must be a meaning and that’s the next book. And that means either to write or to read.

Dinah, it was a pleasure interviewing you! Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers in closing?

Please feel free to visit my website to find out the varied things going on with my books and events. I also will be starting a column on my blog there that works with the random animal messages (RAM) I receive. I’d planned on starting this some time ago, but varied issues have kept me from it. More should be posted soon. I’m also welcoming other animal communicators to post their messages for people or animals in need. It’s a way to give back.

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