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Witness: Tabetha Bohm
Location: Peoria, Illinois
Date of Encounter: Summer of 2006

My now ex-husband's relatives bought an 1880 Victorian house in the better parts of Peoria, and I finally went up to see it. The house itself was beautiful and you could feel that there was energy in the house. We were all sitting there talking in the kitchen, and in front of us was a basket of apples. My ex-husband's nephew was stating that he didn't believe that the house was haunted, and hasn't seen any proof. I knew it was, because I was somewhat physic and had great telepathic skills. All of a sudden, an apple jumped up from the basket and landed at his feet turning this man speechless — we all were for that matter. I was paying attention to the changes in the air as it happened. A very cold chill crept in as the apple fell and left just as fast afterward.

We all got over that and started talking again about the house's history. All of a sudden, I heard music from the 1800s and looked up in the hallway by the front door. Dancing there was a young woman with a long floral and white dress with a matching hat. Her hair was the typical Victorian style and a smile was on her face. This young woman was holding out her skirt and dancing to the tune I heard in my head. After a few minutes, she diapered and the music ceased. I told the group what I just saw and I don't believe anyone of them believed me. I shrugged it off because I knew they wouldn't, but I know what I saw.

A tour through the house yielded no bad feelings, only good ones, and I saw nothing more until it was time to leave. We were all standing outside talking when I looked at the garage in the back. On top of the roof was a boy about 8 years-old playing. He wore a black, velvet suit with pants that stopped at the knees with whites stockings and black shoes. He looked at me and waved before he too disappeared when he looked away from the garage and saw a little girl playing. She was about the same age as the young fella did. She wore a pastel dress with matching ribbons in her curly hair. She waved and disappeared after a few minutes. Again I told his relatives and they looked at me like I was nuts. Being used to this, I shrugged and looked back to the house. The basement runs the length of the entire house and doesn't have many electrical switches in it. I was told by the nephew's wife that it was spooky down there, and she wouldn't go down there. I wanted to but no one would take me, so I couldn't. I scanned the multiple rows of windows until I saw something in one of them.

From what I could tell, he was a older gentleman and wore a dark suit of a butler of the period. He had a look of pure hatred on his face like we were intruding on his turf. I looked at him until the glare in his eyes faded and he too disappeared. I asked her what the basement was at one time. It did not surprise me to hear that the staff that took care of the house lived there when they weren't working. I told her about the butler and her face went white like I never saw her do before. She asked me to not tell her anything else, but knew I was telling the truth because of the abilities I had.

I got a divorce some months later and have never been back since. They have invited me, but I don't feel I need to go back to that house. It's still a beautiful house and all, but I don't want to know anything more about its history or the past occupants.

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