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Witness: Karen Saucedo
Location: Novat, California
Date of Encounter: 2002

My sister lived in my house before me. She told me that she thought their old cat's ghost lived in the house because their new cat would go under the stairs and hiss at nothing and back up with its hair raised along its back. I don't know about that but here is what happened to me…

My dog always ran around the house like any dog. But one day he absolutely refused to come through the dining room and into the kitchen. He wasn't in trouble, he wasn't injured or sick. There were no strangers with me, no loud noises, nothing unusual that I could see or hear at all. He kept dancing on his paws and clearly wanted to come to me but he just couldn't. I kept waving treats at him, and normally he would just have run to me for them… but, no… this time he would not come through the dining room. Finally, I walked into the dining room to see what the problem was. It's an open room — it flows directly into the living room — yet, it was ice cold. Clearly, there was something in the room. However, I wasn't frightened because if it wanted to hurt me and had the capability, it would have. I yelled, "Get the F* out of here!" and it never happened again. But, I'll never forget it because I don't have a vivid imagination. This was something real. There clearly was a presence in the house. There was no way to explain that ice-cold area in the middle of summer. I don't have air conditioning. It was frustrating because there was nothing to see and yet no way to explain this "presence." I simply was.

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