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Witness: Riverrebel
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Encounter: April 22, 2011

My 52 year old brother passed away at 7:51 pm on Palm Sunday, April 17, 2011 in the Intensive Care Unit. Mom had asked him to find a way to let us know that he was OK after passing over.

Five days later, my youngest brother received a text message on his cell phone saying, "Bye everyone." This phantom text came from an unknown landline that belonged to someone with the same middle name as my maiden name.

We have had several other episodes, including a voice mail from my deceased sister who died 15 months ago, saying "Hi___, I have an interesting message for you, call me." This showed up with no number.

There have been repeated encounters over the last month, as well. Too many to write about — and too many to be "coincidences."

Guess heaven has gone hi tech.

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