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Witness: Babbett
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date of Encounter: October 2000

I am a single parent and my two daughters and I moved into a two bedroom apartment in the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles. I gave my girls the master bedroom in the front of the apartment and I took the smaller room in the back.

The apartment sat at the bottom of a slope with an alley separating it from the hill. The alley ran a long distance and allowed for soft streams of light to peep throough every 25 feet or so. Needless to say, that was creepy enough for a single mom with two small daughters. However, we settled in and all was well for the first month.

My first experience happened in the evening while my daughters slept. I checked on my girls and pulled the door in a bit. I never closed the door completely in order to hear them if they needed anything.

I returned to my room with my door wide open and the hallway light on. I had the television just high enough to listen to the program while talking to my sister on the phone. Something made me look up and every fiber in my body went on alert. Standing in my doorway was a tall, pasty white woman who stood about 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall. She was wearing a long black, form fitting dress. The woman was shoeless with a bob haircut that was shiny and the color of charcoal. Her arms were extended outward holding the door frame and her head was tilted slightly towards me.

I remember her eyes and smile most of all. Without a word, she widened her eyes, which were completely black, and smiled slightly as if to say, "I am going to kill you now."

I did not hear the words aloud but I heard the words in my head. I began to whisper into the phone to my sister. She did not doubt me and she became very afraid for the three of us. My eyes were extremely dry and I finally had to blink. The lady was gone.

Only my sister and I know this happened and I am relieved to have never seen the woman again. Although my daughter has several photos of multiple orbs, we occasionally experied the water turning on full blast in the kitchen. We just ignored it and went on with daily life.

We have moved on since, but I know in my heart that the woman meant to harm me. My grandmother always told me I have a light that people are drawn to and I have always thought this light to be gardian angels. I don't think the lady in black could get past them and for that I am grateful.

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