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MANCHESTER, ENGLAND — Paraquest Paranormal’s first annual all day conference is due to take place on the 16th of April 2005 at the Freemasons Hall, Bridge Street, Manchester.

This could be the largest one day conference on the subject of the paranormal in Manchester ever. The speakers are experts in their field and several have written best-selling books on many aspects of the paranormal. The speakers include:

Larry Warren: 
Larry was a serving US Airman at the American air base at Bentwaters in Suffolk and was an original eyewitness to events that happened over the Christmas period of 1980 at Rendlesham Forest. A very unusual story of an actual UFO landing that became known in the press as Britain’s Roswell and even led to questions on the subject being asked at the House of Commons.

John Spencer: 
John is a member of the Ghost Club and along with his wife Anne, has published many best selling books on all subjects connected to the paranormal. John has also been an investigator for many years and will recall some of the cases of ghosts and poltergeist that he has come across.

Gary Heseltine: 
Gary is a serving Police Officer and formed PRUFOS (Police reporting UFO’s) to record the many sightings that are reported by Police Officers in the line of their duties. Gary will deliver a talk on some of the local reports that have been submitted by members of the Greater Manchester Police force.

The conference is also due to have speakers on the hidden chambers of the Great Pyramid, ghost investigation techniques along with equipment demonstrations, and a live ESP experiment.

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