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The Pagan Dream of the RenaissanceThe Pagan Dream of the Renaissance
By Joscelyn Godwin
Publisher: Weiser Books (February 2005)
Pages: 292 – Price: $19.95 review

Weiser Books is to be congratulated on bringing out for publication this remarkable nonfiction work by Joscelyn Godwin. Vastly illustrated with art work, the book is a wonderful look at the Renaissance when the Goddess had been banished from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim works.

What took place in the Renaissance was a subtle rediscovery of the pagan imagination. The pagan revival was found in all aspects of the life and culture of the times. Natural magick abounded.

The art of the times, landscapes, cultural heritage were deeply influenced by the pagan motifs. There are 11 chapters in the book, and each one is self-explanatory. Among the chapters are found such topics as “Seduction by the Gods,” “The Enchantment of Public Spaces,” “Marvels of Art and Nature,” “Garden Magic,” and “The Birth of Opera.” There is a section concerning selective genealogies.

A most entertaining reading experience, this is sure to attract a wide following for those interested in what lies hidden beneath the history of the pagan mythological imagination. Well-written, it will hold your interest from beginning to end.

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