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Overshadows: An Investigation into a Terrifying Modern Canadian HauntingOvershadows: An Investigation into a Terrifying Modern Canadian Haunting
By Richard Palmisano
Publisher: Dundurn Group (August 2003)
Pages: 192 – Price: $15.99 review

Overshadows is a scary nonfiction book. It is an investigation into a terrifying and very frightening haunting in Canada. For a first book from a new author, this one is a sure winner to capture the reader’s attention with its documentation and paranormal events.

Essentially, the story starts an investigation lasting six years into a young girl’s suicide during 1995. The young girl’s spirit returns but instead of finding the abusive mother she escaped, she now finds other ghosts who seek control of the house. There is a struggle for control of the house, and the living residents of the home are caught up in this struggle. There is much in this book which will cause controversy, and the reader will notice many things that ring true immediately, attesting to the honesty of the investigation.

The photographs add further to the story. Each photograph will amaze the reader.

The story unfolds and the reader is confronted with the mystery of multiple hauntings. A pendulum is employed with positive results. A murdered woman, Angela Carlucci, makes her appearance, and more ghostly spirits come forth.

Reading this entertaining book is like reading a finely crafted mystery with many surprises, except this story is true and not fiction! The answers to the questions asked the pendulum will surprise the reader. This is a scary reading experience.

A 25 chapter book with introduction, glossary, and witness statements makes Overshadows one of the best nonfiction accounts of a contemporary haunting in Canada. If you are interested in multiple hauntings, you will find this an invaluable reference to have in the home library for reference. Don’t miss this one!

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