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Witness: Connie
Location: Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Date of Encounter: 1989

I have had several experiences but I will tell you two of my most frightening. A friend and I had started playing with the ouija board and it ended up turning our lives upside down for the span of around two years. One night my friend Judy, her husband Luc, Loma, and myself were watching a movie called Witchboard right in the middle of a winter storm. All foot prints had been covered at this time and the streets were empty. About half-way through the movie the front door blew open and we heard running footsteps come into the house, up the stairs, down the hall, and into the bedroom where Judy's two year old lay sleeping. We were all still just sitting there frozen in shock and fright when we heard a loud slam (which turned out to be the bedroom door) and the poor little boy started screaming, "Monster, monster!" Luc took off up the stairs only to find a very upset little boy and nothing or no one else. As things started to calm down Judy and I went to shut the front door and there were still no footprints in the snow. The only snow that had come into the house was from the blowing wind.

It was around March now and one day as I laid down for a nap I felt the bed start to shake under me. I was uncertain if I had really felt what I thought I had so I was not frightened but got up anyway — that was only the beginning. Not long after that, it became a constant thing every time I tried to lay in my bed. The shaking started to get more violent and it also felt as if someone was punching up at the mattress from beneath. I complained several times and no one believed me. It was now to the point where I was afraid to go to bed. I began sleeping at my friend Loma's house because her bed didn't shake. After staying at her house for two weeks my Mum said it was time to come home and I did agree, but not until she promised to spend the first night sleeping in my bed with me. That night we had only been in bed for about 10 minutes before the bed started it's usual shaking. It was very minor at first, so my Mum started to make excuses for why it was happening. By the time five minutes had passed it was now undeniable and I could tell my mother was getting scared but was trying to stay calm for my sake. The last straw for my mother was when the punching started — it was harder than I had ever felt before. We laid there for a moment while my mother mustered up the courage to peek under the bed. Of course she didn't find anything and we promptly left the room and set ourselves up in the living room for the remainder of the night. My bed continued to shake and punch for some time thereafter but it eventually quit, however, once in awhile it will start. To this day and I just get up or ignore it and it stops.

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