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Our Haunted PlanetOur Haunted Planet
By John A. Keel
Publisher: Galde Press (May 1999)
Pages: 206 – Price: $14.95 review

John A. Keel is a well-known occult historian and has written numerous books over the past 50 years. He writes in a style that is both educational and entertaining. There are no dull moments in reading a Keel book!

Our Haunted Planet will find a ready audience of readers interested in some of the great myths and cover-ups in cultures, and its blunt honesty of observation may offend some who are politically correct to the point of ignorance. If you are politically correct, the information revealed in this book may upset you in more ways than one.

Keel pulls no punches when he examines myth and facts. There are three parts to the book. The total number of chapters is 16.

A sampling of the chapters will give the reader a good clue to what the author is writing about: “The Continent That Vanished,” “Towers of Glass and Theories of Putty,” “Scientists in Collision,” “Men-in-Black Lore and the CIA,” “The Demise of the Gods,” “The Secret of the Ages,” “Where Is Everybody Going,” “The Revolution of the Mind,” among others. Each chapter is crammed full of factual data, and this is data that will lead the reader to other topics of personal study.

“The Revolution of the Mind” contains some excellent observations and comments on such people as Dr. Timothy Leary, Adolph Hitler, Charles Manson, Moses, Jesus Christ, and the Cosmic Consciousness. Keel’s observations on phantoms and ultraterrestrials will surprise and intrigue readers.

What the reader will find most interesting about the statements made in the book is the factual approach the author gives, and his facts speak bluntly for themselves. Page 204 will delight fans of author Arthur C. Clarke and there is the mention of the Mothman seen by hundreds of individuals during 1966-67 in the Ohio Valley. In fact, each page contains something new and interesting which concerns the paranormal, and what most of us may take for granted but should look behind the facade to see what lies beneath.

A well-written, nonfiction book, Our Haunted Planet will give the reader of the supernatural and the paranormal much food for thought. John A. Keel has written a fine work, and a nice reference to have on hand.

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