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Witness: Natasha
Location: Fermanagh, Ireland
Date of Encounter: 2000

This happened when I went to stay with my Auntie in Ireland in a place called Fermanagh. My Auntie's house was originally built as a school in 1925. I went to stay there as it was mine and my cousin's holidays (I am leaving to go to high school this year but my cousin is already in high school).

It was time to go out to a restaurant for my birthday so my Auntie told me and my cousin to go and get ready. The house is flat, my bedroom was a former classroom, anyway when we went to go get ready we heard a tapping on the window. We thought that it was my Auntie's husband as he always wants to scare us, but it seemed to get louder so I went out to tell my Auntie. As I ran out I saw my Auntie's husband lying on the sofa asleep, but the strange thing was I could still hear the tapping — this was at 10 o'clock at night. I quickly ran back in our room to tell my cousin that it wasn't Francie. My cousin was strong enough to open the blinds and as the blinds were opened we saw this man standing there staring at us. We both screamed and ran out of the room. The next day we did some research on the school and found out that the man was the caretaker of the school — he had died of pneumonia. We think because he was the caretaker of the school that he was just making sure the school was okay.

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