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Christians do it, Hindus do it, Buddhists do it, Moslems do it, Witches do it, Wiccans do it… but wait, this sounds like the beginning of a wonderful song by the late American composer Cole Porter, when in reality it is a humble and heartfelt observation of the use of candles in spiritual endeavors! Where would religion and spiritual paths be without candles?

Candle burning is as old as the first caveman and cavewoman who dared to stare deeply into the burning campsite fire, and make a wish. The embers of the burning wood became like candle points of light. The Shamans and Witch Doctors of various countries found the candle a focal point to concentrate on, and oftentimes there was the steady hypnotic beat of drums or reed flutes accompanying those burning candles. 

Everything is intent. Without intent, there is no reason to pursue a wish or a dream or a personal goal. Yes, there is that old saying to be careful of what you wish for as it might become a reality. But if the intent is not there, nothing comes of it, at least not what you truly want to come to pass. To give meaning to existence, you have to create something that is meaningful which will give that existence a reason to be. Decide what you want, visualize it in your mind the way you seek to have it come to pass, have faith and trust in your intuition and let your intent be known honestly to the powers that be. You will be heard. 

Many occult historians believe that when you light a candle, the light appears on the inner planes. Then, what you wish for will attract that being or beings residing there who are best suited to help you make your wish come true. I believe this is both possible and logical.

If your intent is true and heartfelt, you will be heard and helped. Prayer and candle burning go hand-in- hand. A candle prayer is a special sort of spell — an incantation seeking a result. 
Examples of this are the lighting of candles in monasteries by monks and priests from various religions. The lighting of candles in a Catholic church setting is a widespread tradition. Meditation before a burning candle is another approach. Different approaches — same depth of intent. There are many aspects of lighting a candle to achieve an outcome. For instance, I find that taking a white candle, rubbing it between your hands, and concentrating on what you seek, then lighting the candle and speaking aloud with full intent what you wish to happen, can bring remarkable results in the realm of spiritual healings. You may speak your wish aloud, or say it in your thoughts. But intent is everything.

There are various individuals and groups who suggest you need a certain color of candle to use in candle burning spells. That is not necessarily true, for each individual has different needs, and not everybody has the money or interest in mail-ordering or store-buying of colored candles! But what is important, again, is intent. If you have a small white tealite candle or a short tapered white candle, use it. A white candle has been in use since ancient times, and it works.

I cannot emphasize “intent” enough. Intent is everything in the rituals of candle burning, whether you are a Christian, a Witch, a Hindu, a Vedantist, an Existential Wiccan, a Shaman, or whatever path of self-knowledge you have chosen to follow. 

Without heartfelt intent, there is nothing. With heartfelt intent, everything becomes possible.

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