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Witness: Fay Cohen
Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Date of Encounter: 1997

It was early in the evening one night in the summer and I was lying in bed sleeping. My mother was apparently straightening the cupboards in the bedroom and I suddenly was woken up by the feeling of a cold, bony-like finger touching my lips. I woke up with a shock when I felt this feeling.

I was awake and could see exactly what was happening in the room around me, but I couldn't move, nor call out as I wanted to scream. Standing by the side of my bed was the Angel of Death — I could see his skeleton face underneath his black robe and when he saw me looking at him he put his finger to his mouth region and whispered to me, "Quiet…" in a very strange, low whisper. I tried to call out to my mother who was standing at the other end of the room tidying the cupboard, but my voice was strangled in my throat. I couldn't talk nor get a breath. Eventually, I managed to struggle a breath out of my throat and scream "Mum!" I can still today feel his cold, bony fingers on my skin as I tell you about it.

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