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New Chakra Healing: The Revolutionary 32-Center Energy SystemNew Chakra Healing: The Revolutionary 32-Center Energy System
By Cyndi Dale
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (June 1996)
Pages: 290 – Price: $17.95

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This book will find a ready home with those interested in energy healing. The book covers the twelve chakras and twenty other spiritual energy points, and details techniques for working with the energy of the back sides of chakras.

Filled with unique concepts, this is a positive guide to removing energy blocks in the body. The author reveals how such blocks as stress, confusion, depression, addictions, and other problems can adversely affect the body and mind.

Cyndi Dale is the president of Life Systems Services. This is a book that is helpful.

Among the topics in the book is what is what about the chakras and the twenty spiritual energy centers. There is an excellent chapter on the personal energy field. The two chapters on emotions are educational and enlightening.

There are thirteen chapters with appendix and bibliography. The material is concise and straight-forward in presentation.

An important aspect of this book is the illustrations. The discussion of the lumbar vertebrae is welcome news, and it will surprise many readers.

For a fine reading experience, this is a book to read, and enjoy. There are sections in the illustrations dealing with energetic indications of breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, depression, and AIDS. These are found on pages 281 through 286. Of special note is the section titled “Being Your Divine Source Self: Living as an Everyday Shaman.”

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