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Witness: Leo McDemott
Location: Hunter's Creek, Orlando
Date of Encounter: Florida, 2001

I've had many experiences in my life which I can't explain. Some were surprising and some were as a result of an act like visiting "The Vampire's Grave" in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. This event just happens to be one of the most recent. Let me explain:

I lived at an apartment complex called Osprey Links off of Town Center Boulevard and John Young Parkway. In building 13905, apartment 123, I had experienced some strange happenings — everywhere, from sounds coming from parts of the apartment I wasn't in at the time, to cold spots, to lights being on that I swore I turned off only to find them on again. I lived alone and I figured these to be figments of my imagination until one day when my friend verified a strange occurrence.

We were hanging out when we decided it was time to go out for some food. Now, this apartment has French Doors leading from the bedroom and dining room to a balcony. This is significant as when we returned the doors which we remember closing and the light which I asked her to turn off were now open and on. We were in one of those funny states of shock — the "Oh my God, that's too weird" states. We didn't really get scared as these building were practically brand new and nothing funky could have possibly happened in such a short time of existence.

That was not the only unexplained experience. The worst one happened a few months later. It was late one night and I was watching TV. Nothing unusual there, my TV was in the bedroom and it was the only source of light while it was on. When I was ready for bed, I turned it off and the light from the TV was replaced by the glow from the street lights outside. This always gave the bedroom a creepy look. Shadows weren't a concern to me as I could always identify where they were coming from. This time was different.

The shadow I saw was in the form of a man and this isn't the first time I saw it. I saw this exact same form when I was 16 or 17 in the house we lived in at Coventry, Rhode Island. This time it was different though, I was older, more skeptical, and didn't think that anything scary could phase me.

This black shadow or form was definitely a human form — I assume a man because of the way it moved. After seeing it initially in the closet, it seemed to watch me for a minute or two and then moved from the closet, across the bedroom, and into the dining room where I could no longer see it. It was at that precise moment — when I could no longer see it — that the streetlight which allowed me to first see it went out.

During this experience I was pretty much frozen. I tried to move and say something. When it moved I tried to scream, but I was unable to do even that. I eventually decided to just pass it off as an illusion and fell asleep. The next night when the street lights came on, that one light was still out.

While researching other sites on the subject of hauntings and other strange experiences I found the following quote:

"The exact location is actually around the area of John Young Pkwy and Town Center Blvd. Area of what used to be Indian lands and burial grounds. The construction work was halted upon the discovery of human remains and artifacts. There have been numerous sightings by the locals of apparitions and in many of the houses that were built before the construction was stopped have had "disturbances" experienced in them…"

Could it be that something is following me? Could it be that my Mother's ability to "see things" was passed onto me? Could it be that I'm just imagining all this? Let me know what you think. Feel free to e-mail me.

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