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Witness: Christy Ankrom
Location: Denver, Colorado
Date of Encounter: June 16, 2002

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Denver ghost picture.

My father died in April and since his death I have been very in tune to his spiritual energy. I hear him in my thoughts, and through the advice of a medium I used meditation and the mirror in my bathroom to try to contact him. I feel I have done this with great success.

This past Father's Day was hard for me, and I decided to try the mirror thing just to wish my Dad a happy Father's Day and tell him I love and miss him. As an afterthought I brought my digital camera and in the middle of my meditation/trance I shot this picture. I also took a few before and after and they were "normal," I used no flash and there was minimal light in the bathroom — just a dim light over the bathtub that can't even be seen in the picture. If you could give me insight on what you think it is I would appreciate it. I was shocked when I viewed this picture on my computer!

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