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Witness: Jasmine
Location: Edinburg, Texas
Date of Encounter: March 5, 2011, 2:09 pm

We had just finished running a mile during morning track at our school. I was really psyched because I had won first place. Me and a friend were jogging our cool down lap. She had on her iPod, but I didn't have anything in my ears.

Anyway, another friend was running about 6 feet behind us – I could hear her footsteps. Suddenly, I heard really loud stomping coming closer to me! I turned around and no one was there. The person running behind had stopped and was really far back. It was weird because the stomping ceased as soon as I looked to see where it was coming from.

Later that day in third period, we were taking an open book test and we had to choose a partner to help us. The class was quiet and all you could hear was pencil writing. Anyway, suddenly my partner turned to face me and yelled, "Congratulations!" (for winning first place). I just stared at her whispered, "We are gonna get in trouble! You're not supposed to yell, dummy!"

She looked and me and said, "I didn't say anything. Ask anyone here!"

I did and they said that no one heard her say or yell anything…not even my teacher heard her yell.

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