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Witness: Sean
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date of Encounter: Summer 2005

It was the summer of 2005, just a few months after I had taken a new position at my job in the warranty department. Right before I had begun working in this department, there was an encounter with the woman I had replaced, and the two others in the department, where several items at the top of the Manager's desk had come tumbling off as if someone had swept them off with their arm. This was a large open office. As you walk in the door you had three desks, two to your left, and one across from the door. To your right were several filing cabinets forming a horseshoe shape, with the only opening close to the door-side of the room. The file cabinets were too tall to see over, bit didn't reach the ceiling.

My first experience here: I was returning from lunch, and as I walked in the door, I noticed the other two desks were empty. My desk was in the far left corner. I sat down and immediately heard the very common sound of paper rustling in the file area. I assumed of course one of my co-workers was going through the files. I called out, "Who's over there?" in kind of a jokingly way… no answer. I continued to work, my radio was playing and the paper continued to rustle. After maybe five minutes, my curiosity go the best of me since I didn't get an answer to my question. I began to wonder if it was someone who wasn't supposed to be there. The rustling stopped, I turned to see if someone was coming out from behind the row of file cabinets. After a few seconds I got up, walked over to the filing area, and found nobody there, no papers out of place, no drawers open, nothing. My boss walked in as I was still standing there, and I told him about what had happened.

Approximately a year later I was again alone in the office. I got up to take some files over to the cabinets. When I reached about five feet from the opening to the file area, I heard what (to me) was the unmistakable sound of a child running barefoot away from me and rounding the corner of the file cabinets. I could not find anything downstairs or outside that could have made that sound.

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