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Witness: April
Location: Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date of Encounter: July, 1994

I was up late one night with my sister and her boyfriend watching TV. I live in a company house, which is a house that the coal company owned when the mines were still running in Glace Bay. My living room has a window in the wall to look into the kitchen. It was about 2 AM, and we were facing the wall with the window watching TV. All of a sudden, my grandmother (my mother's mother) walked past the window. My grandmother died when I was five from a heart attack. We were so spooked we ran upstairs and woke up my parents. My father told us our imaginations were working overtime, but my mother believed us. She said that her mother would never hurt us. Ever since then, when I'm home visiting and there is something wrong, when I'm in bed facing the wall, I can feel the bed sink down like someone is sitting on there, something touching my leg, and a feeling of calmness. I like to think it's my grandmother looking out for her grandchildren.  

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