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Witness: Carri
Location: Rockford, Illinois
Date of Encounter: October 2009

I have had psychic ability since I was 8 years old. I sometimes am able to see spiritual activity. I was visiting a school on Kiswaukee Road in Rockford. I had to pick up my little girl from the nurse's office because she had contracted the flu. I saw a little girl with blond hair also in the nurse's office. The little girl was about 9 years old. She looked sick. The little girl was lying on the nurse's bed. All of a sudden I heard a loud laughing. I asked everyone if they heard that laughing. The nurse and my daughter said they did not hear anything. But then all of a sudden, I saw Lucifer laughing — he appeared out of nowhere. I saw Lucifer dressed in black with his black eyes and black goatee come up to the little blond-haired girl and blow his sick air into her. Then I saw him suck air out of the little girl. The little girl started to cough and had trouble breathing. The nurse quickly ran to her aide. Suddenly Lucifer walked away laughing. I could hear his laugh echoing down the hall. Me and my daughter walked out of the nurse's office and walked out of the school. We quickly got into my red Dodge Intrepid. I sped down Kiswaukee Road and went home to my house on 23rd Ave. I parked the car and went into my house with my sick daughter. I quickly put my daughter to sleep.

A few weeks went by and I read in the paper that everyone should get flu shots, because a girl at the grade school on Kiswaukee Street had died from the flu. I asked my daughter who the little girl was. My daughter told me that the little girl was the girl I saw in the nurse's office at the Kiswaukee grade school. The school sent out a flier to make donations to the Kiswaukee School for the little girl who died. A few days later the girl had her funeral. A few weeks later I feel asleep and felt something moving around my bed. Assuming it was my little 8 year old girl I yelled at her. I opened up my daughter's bedroom door and saw her fast asleep. I turned by my bed and saw a ghost girl. She had on a white dress that extended to the floor. She had blue eyes and long blond hair. She stood for a moment looking at me with a glowing white light. I turned for a moment to look at my daughter then all of the sudden the ghost girl vanished.

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