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Witness: J.A.F. Bronx
Location: New York
Date of Encounter: Winter, 1984

This happen to me in 1984 after the death of one of my favorite cousins. My cousin Sue (not her real name), lived with her mother (my grandaunt) and my grandmother (Sue's aunt). My mother and I live in the Bronx, New York so we went to visit and to see how they were making out. It was strange being in the house knowing that my cousin Sue wasn't coming back. I would go with my mother to visit knowing Sue would be home.

My aunt and grandmother went upstairs for something. My mother was calling to them from downstairs asking if they needed any help. The next thing I saw was my cousin Sue coming down the stairs smiling like she always did when she saw us. She had on the same clothes she was buried in. She looked like she was floating. I turned to see if any car lights were there, but there were none. I wasn't scared or anything. Months later around Halloween I asked my mother if she saw our cousin's ghost. She said no. Then she asked if I saw her feet. I took time to remember and told her I didn't think so. My mother said it might have been a ghost. I was watching the news when they were doing a report on ghosts for Halloween and she was talking about the feet of a ghost and what it is suppose to mean.

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