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Witness: Christina Rivers
Location: Newton, Iowa
Date of Encounter: November, December 2003

My parents had been complaining about strange things going on at their house. My mother would hear footsteps on the floor above her when she would go down to the basement. My father and mother both mentioned that they would catch random whiffs of perfume. My mother was so bothered by it that she smelled all of her perfumes, and my father's cologne to make sure it wasn't either of them. The smell has never been identified. During Thanksgiving and Christmas of last year, I caught several orbs on camera. I took sequential shots many times and would have orbs in one frame, but not the next. My cousin's wife seemed to attract the most attention with various orbs, some very large, settling around her head in many shots. My parents seem to have the experiences mostly in their living room and the basement den. I found no orbs in any other room in the house but these locations. I have gone through nearly 200 shots and have a handful with orbs in them from those dates. I would like to share this story and find out what other people think. Is my parent's house haunted or are they being visited by someone?

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