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Witness: Valkerie Carver
Location: Suffolk, Virginia
Date of Encounter: April 2001

Both of my parents are hearing impaired. My dad has been all but totally deaf since he was in his 20s. Several years ago, his brother John, my Uncle was in the hospital. He had had a stroke and was not doing very well. My dad would go to visit him everyday. His memory was going but he still remembered my dad and looked forward to his visits. 

One morning at 4:05 AM on the dot, my dad was awakened from a sound sleep and sat bolt upright. He "heard" a woman screaming as if someone were killing her. This lasted for about a minute and then stopped. Less then five minutes later, the phone rang. It was the hospital. My Uncle John had just died at 4:05 AM. They needed my dad to go to the hospital, as he was his only living relative, to sign papers and make arrangements.

For the next three nights, my dad was awakened at 4:05 AM to the same sounds of a woman screaming. After the funeral was over and my Uncle buried, the screaming stopped, much to the relief of my dad. Was this perhaps a Banshee, heralding my Uncles death? If so, she was able to pierce the barrier of my fathers hearing impairment to deliver her message of doom. She’s never been heard from again.

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