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Witness: Richard Lovelace
Location: Hartsville, South Carolina
Date of Encounter: January 7, 2009

Ghost picture in Hartsville, South Carolina

Ghost picture in Hartsville, South Carolina

My mother's health declined fairly rapidly the last couple of years of her life. During this time, we had many conversations about life after death. She was a southern Baptist and believed in Heaven and Hell. I, of course, agreed with her. Around this time, I became a paranormal investigator. My mother was always pretty skeptical of my hobby, but she supported me. I asked her, if she would give me a message when she passed away. Being a loving mother, she agreed to contact me if she could.

Mother passed on January 5th, of this year. Her funeral was on January 7th. My wife and I returned to the church cemetery about two hours later. I wanted to take pictures of the flowers before they wilted. I took about 12 photos of the flowers on her grave. All were perfectly normal, except the first two. The first shows a little mist on the ground beside her grave (where my dad is buried). I didn't notice it then, but someone on another site said there was a figure visible. The second photo had looping mist trails over her grave. I was very surprised to see these photos. I then thought of the talks that Mom and I used to have. I think that this was her way of telling me, that there is life after death.

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