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Santa Cruz, California: As of August 30, 2012, eBay will no longer allow listings associated with the metaphysical.

Introducing, a niche Web site offering features similar to eBay, but focusing solely on the metaphysical. not only takes over where eBay left off, but brings together this diverse, vibrant community all under one roof as well. This one-stop site provides an unbiased and secure platform where users can interact on multiple levels via auctions, forums, and specialized communities.

Web site highlights:
– Online marketplace featuring personal storefronts, linked eBay ratings, live auctions, and buy it now options.
– Integrated forums
– Industry-standard security
– Secure billing via PayPal
– Excellent support
– Price comparison is a nurturing and transparent environment. Its online metaphysical marketplace includes industry-standard security and support for users placing an emphasis on community and integrity.

For more information, contact:

John Redmon, Marketing Director
849 Almar Ave, Ste. C-142
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5848
(858) 522-9227

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