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Witness: A.J.
Location: Ashburn, Virginia
Date of Encounter: August 2012

I was sitting in my living room trying to get a hold of my grandmother on the phone when I started hearing banging coming from upstairs. At first, I dismissed it. After failing to get a hold of my grandmother, I tried to call a friend of mine. As I did, I heard a loud bang and footsteps coming from the room above me which happened to be my bedroom.

I immediately called my friend and began to talk to him. At that point, the noises stopped. My friend told me a few days earlier that he (being a Satanist) had control over certain demons and had asked one to keep me safe because he was worried that I may be hurt by some kids who bully me at school.

After that, I went to my bedroom. As soon as my parents left to take my brothers to football practice, I found my plushie that was hanging in my window behind my curtain in the middle of my room. Naturally, I put it back up. Later that night, it was back in the middle of the room. Weird.

Two nights ago, I finally told whatever was there to stop moving it off my window and it hasn’t fallen since. I had an issue with my closet door, but it stopped as well. Also, every night I leave a flashlight on because I can’t stand my room when it is dark. When I wake up, it will be turned off and the batteries will be dead. When I come back up later that evening to go to bed, it works again. I have no idea if it’s the demon my friend has protecting me or if it’s something else.

I finally decided to get all of this out because it has been bottled up for the past week and I don’t handle things well if I hide them.

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