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Witness: Linda Dix
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Date of Encounter: May 17, 2006

A few weeks ago my daughter moved back into my house and with her, my three granddaughters: Sara who is 3; Alyssa who is 2; and Emma who is 4 weeks old. Due to lack of space, we put the older girls' toddler beds in my room. I was woken up the other night to Sara talking to someone. At first, I thought she may have been talking in her sleep or to her sister, but as I watched her she was obviously talking to someone else. She would ask a question or respond to one, giggle at something funny, talk about her day and the dogs she was playing with, about her sisters, etc. She would address them as "Mammaw" and "Pappaw" which is her names for my husband and I. As I sat there in bed I tried to zero in on who she was talking with, I felt it was my Dad who had passed in 2000, and my husband's grandmother who was more like a mother to me, who had passed in 1999. This interaction went on for about 15 minutes. At the end of their conversation, Sara was looking toward the wall at the far side of the bedroom waving her hands and blowing them kisses as they left. Then she looked back toward me and realizing I was awake, she climbed into bed with me and as we snuggled I asked who she was talking with. She replied, Mammaw and Pappaw. She told me they come almost every night when she goes to bed. The next day, I got some family photos down and asked if her Mammaw and Pappaw where in those pictures. She immediately picked out my Dad and my husband's grandmother, confirming what I had felt the night before. Those two would have enjoyed their granddaughters immensely and I am very glad that even though they are in spirit, Sara can get to know them, and hopefully, Alyssa and Emma will also get to know them. It also lets me know that life does go on after death and our loved ones are never very far away.

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