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Witness: Leroy
Location: Fredericksburg, Texas
Date of Encounter: August 1997

I used to mess with ouija boards, and my friend who liked to study such things hooked a whole group of us on it.

We had a paranormal spot that was very strong — it was a three-mile road called Louden Road. Way back in the day, up until the early 80s there were Satan worshipers that would gather in different spots all up and down that road. You walk out about 30 – 50 feet and you will see a clearing — it is a circle of tree stumps with one in the middle. This area seemed to be a hot spot — everything is dead around there. So me and my friends went out there one night to scare some cousins that were visiting. We made a ouija board out of a notebook and asked if there was anyone who wanted to be saved. After angering Satan, we burned the board — it burned a neon-blue and very slowly.

We started to look around to see if we released any spirits. As we walk around, a friend said "Stop throwing rocks." None of us were throwing rocks but there was a rock that was rolling back and forth on the road by itself. Now we were scared — we stood back-to-back and shined the light around. We noticed to the side of us where the light was not shinning was a light — it was like a glowing light. My friend and I got up the nerve to look right at it — that's when we saw an angel with arms opened wide… We decide that that was enough for us — we got the heck out of there and never went back.

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