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Witness: Coby Baldauf
Location: New Jersey
Date of Encounter: Easter – April 20, 2003

I went to visit my family on Easter in NJ, for those who do not know me I belong to a ghost hunting group ESPI (Entity Seekers Paranormal Investigators) and I grew up in a haunted house. This weekend I brought all my gear down along with my wife and my 18-month old son. Friday, I set up a digital recorder upstairs on voice activation and downstairs I set up my standard recorder with external mic on voice activation, here is the actual equipment: Philips AQ6341 Memo Recorder with Voice Activation, Labtec Verse-504 Microphone boom – unidirectional – Sensitivity: -67db, -47 dBV, – Frequency response: 100-16,000Hz – Impedance: 2000 ohms. Radio Shack DR-90 Digital Recorder. Tape: Radio Shack HC-60, 60 minute High Bias Type II.

I was beat from the drive, so I instructed my mother and showed her how to take the recorder off of pause so the recorder would start recording whenever it heard a noise. I set up the recorder upstairs and the went to bed. Around 12:30 – 12:45 AM my mother headed off to bed and switched the recorder off of pause. It is an very old 1860's farmhouse. As my mother is walking up the stairs you can clearly hear a man's voice — no one was on the main floor — the voice seems to say "we'll never get out, the house is full."

I also recorded a temperature drop (cold spot) of 49.2 F in a room where the air temperature was 70.3 F and in the living room I got a reading on my EMF detector of 2 MG by the living room chair. I went back several times to see if I could repeat this "spike" but I could not and there are no sources of EMF there i.e. a TV.

Enjoy the EVP, I plan on going back home soon to do more investigations. This version of the EVP is enhanced, the only thing I did was boost the volume of the voice on both channels to 202%, it made it loud and clear!

Click on image to hear the EVP (requires sound) – 625 KB.

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