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True Tales of the ParanormalTrue Tales of the Paranormal
By Kimberly Molto
Publisher: Dundurn Press (2002)
Pages: 254 – Price: $15.99 review

True Tales of the Paranormal by Kimberly Molto will entertain you and it will educate you about hauntings, poltergeists, near-death experiences, and other related material. Kimberly Molto is a research scientist who specializes in cognitive neurobiology. From the very start of this fine nonfiction book, the readers come to understand the dedication and interest the author has in pursuing information about the paranormal world. Kimberly Molto writes well, clearly, and in an interesting manner that captures the reader’s attention.

There are 13 chapters in the book. Chapter titles include “Rubicon 13,” “Rubicon Revisited,” “The Girl in the White Dress: A True Tale of Reincarnation,” “Stratosfear,” “The Far Side of the Sky,” “If I Should Die Before I Wake,” “The Night Owl,” “Chillers,” “Breathless,” “Mysterioso Visita,” “Dispatches From the Medical Front,” “Interview with a Psychiatrist,” and “Imagining the Rubicon: Some Scientific Theories on Psi.” Appendix, notes and sources, a well-written and explained glossary, and suggested readings are also included.

Several of these sections will raise the goose bumps on your neck! The reincarnation story in “The Girl in the White Dress,” “Breathless,” and “The Night Owl” are chilling looks at the paranormal. Each section has its own focus and its own approach to the paranormal. The author’s thoughts concerning scientific theories on Psi will interest all readers interested in the paranormal.

True Tales of the Paranormal is recommended reading for those interested in a scientific approach to ghosts, near-death experiences, and reincarnation. It is a good reference book to have in the home library and one that should be placed in the local Public Library of the reader’s city. Again, some of these stories are chilling, and the reader will long recall the feathers found on the floor in “The Night Owl.” And what happens to Sophie Elizabeth Zandona in death & life in “The Girl in the White Dress” will linger in the reader’s mind long after the account is read. “Interview with a Psychiatrist” is fascinating in the way modern science is coming to realize that just because we don’t see it does not mean it is not there! The possibility of existing parallel timelines becomes more so as research continues, and that includes parallel dimensions. The scientific research into ghostly happenings continues at a rapid pace, and with each passing year more factual data is found and more happenings are documented. It becomes apparent that there is much out there that cannot be explained away with a weird smile but has to be faced head-on and analyzed for whatever it is. Ghosts are with us.

Reincarnation is with us. Near-death experiences are with us. Science is verifying it, and will continue to do so. As Aldous Huxley once said, “All we have to do is wake up!” The truth is there.

The readers will find much food for thought in True Tales of the Paranormal. Kimberly Molto is currently working on a sequel to this book.

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