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Witness: Eloise
Location: London, England
Date of Encounter: April 8, 2003

I was sitting on my front porch, when this loud noise came from the house — I immediately went inside to see what had happened. When I did so, there was nothing there so I really didn't pay much attention. When I went back outside I saw a little girl on the other side of the street. The little girl looked about seven years old, and had long, red hair and blue eyes. She just sat on the porch across the street staring at me. I was a little freaked, but I decided to just ignore her. She kept on staring at me, so I decided to go in and start making dinner. After I ate dinner I went to bed.

That night I woke up from a bad dream with the little girl in it to find the little girl standing in front of me. She was hovering from the ground and it looked like she was trying to say something to me. I was so scared that I just pulled my blankets over my head and began to cry. I actually fell back to sleep to my own surprise. That morning I decided to go over to the house where the little girl was. When I got there and began to knock, the neighbor looked at me, and told me no one had lived in that house since the people who lived there's daughter died. So I asked him what the little girl looked like and he gave the same description of the little girl I saw. I was scared for weeks — I still can't forget the little girl's face, and her long, red hair.

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