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Hawaiian Magic & SpiritualityHawaiian Magic & Spirituality
By Scott Cunningham
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (2nd edition – February 2000)
Pages: 231 – Price: $12.95 review

Scott Cunningham researched and investigated the beliefs of pre-Christian Hawaiians for over 20 years before he wrote this book. The book is fascinating reading. The table of contents includes a section on linguistic notes with a preface.

Part One contains five chapters on the people and their deities. Part Two covers in detail such topics as spiritual power, taboos, Ghosts and the Night Marchers, among others. Part three covers magic and sorcery. The reader will find much of interest in these 21 chapters. Appendix, Hawaiian glossary, annotated bibliography, and index conclude this well-written nonfiction work.

There are many entries concerning death and ghosts. The section on “Lapu: Ghosts” will intrigue the readers of the paranormal with its discussion. Ghosts are part of the beliefs for these island people, and they influence the living. Much Hawaiian wisdom is shared with the readers, and the chapters covering prophecy, dreams, divinations, spiritual possession, and omens will be of particular interest. Chapter 20 discusses birth omens.

Shamanism, sociology, ritual, myth, and sorcery practices make this book a nice, reliable reference to have in the home library. The sections covering taboos reveals information not readily found elsewhere.

For a fine reading and learning experience, this book is invaluable. Scott Cunningham (1956 – 1993) wrote more than 50 books during his lifetime. 15 of these books established the foundation for contemporary Wicca.

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