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Witness: Amy Thompson
Location: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Date of Encounter: Summer of 2002

My husband and I were in Pigeon Forge for the summer. We knew that he had ancestors buried around there. This was a small cemetery with a small church around it. While there, we were going to put fake flowers on the grave. I forgot the flowers. So we came back another day. That day we saw seven gravestones that were related to my husband. I saw four gravestones that were kids that died in 1918. Most of the kids were around the age of eight or younger. I said out loud to the kids gravestones, " I don't have enough flowers, you're going to have to share." 

We went to see Dollywood later that day. It started to rain there so I closed my camera shutter.
That night I woke up to flashing going on. I wasn't coherent enough to know where it was coming from. I thought it was coming from behind the mirror of our hotel room. I woke up my husband he said it was coming from my camera. I got out up to investigate. I then said how could that be when the shutter is closed? Wouldn't you know it, it was coming from there. I even picked up the camera. It was still flashing. When I woke up, the flashing was very fast. Like flash…flash…flash. I went back to bed because I was very tired and it was 3 A.M. The flashing wasn't as fast then. I asked it out loud to do it again. On cue, it responded to me. I did that twice. It responded every time I asked it to. I wish I had more time to ask "it" some questions but I was very tired. I wasn't scared when I woke up either.

The next day we got up, left the room, then came back. The maid cleaned up our room but I noticed that the door to the bathroom had hands on it. Below the door knob looked to me like small child-like hands that had soap all over them. I should have taken a photo of it but didn't think of it. Also, note that while all the flashing was going on not a single picture had been taken… darn. I'm thinking the kids came back to thank us for the flowers.

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