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Kali: the Feminine Force by Ajit MookerjeeKali: the Feminine Force
By Ajit Mookerjee
Publisher: Destiny Books (March 1988)
Pages: 112 – Price: $16.95 review

This book will have a distinct attraction for readers of the paranormal and supernatural, and should reach a wide audience. Although it was published in 1988, it has developed a special life all of its own! Ajit Mookerjee has provided a most exact bibliography and notes section which is excellent for additional research. A prolific author, Ajit Mookerjee is also the author of Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy, and the popular Ritual Art of India.

Following the preface are eight chapters. The chapters cover: Saki-worship, feminine divinity, feminine force, manifestations of Kali (this will intrigue the reader with its unusual approach!), divine mother, supreme reality, Kalighat paintings, and hymns to Kali.

The art work is remarkable. This is one of the few books that contains so much about what Kali means and appears as, a book that should be in your home reference library if you are interested in the paranormal and supernatural aspects of the Goddess. The index is concise, and easy to use.

One aspect of Kali is found in her worship at the cremation grounds as Smashanakali . She makes her home there to receive all who come to take rest and refuge with her. In some areas, Kali is seen as the darkest of blue, whereas in others she is seen as black. In her role as the Absorber of all, she is seen as black. Considered a Virgin-creator, Kali is also seen as white, or red in color.

A well-written work, it is clearly explained, and there is much data covered in this fine book. Congratulations to Ajit Mookerjee for writing this classic reference. Highly recommended book on the Hindu Goddess of India, Kali.

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