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I attended the earthly funeral ceremony yesterday of a friend. His earthly completion to us here in earth would be considered too soon, as he was but 44 years of age. A sudden completion, needless to say it was a shock to everyone.

As I entered the building and approached his earthly shell, well dressed and a complete vision of tranquility, I noticed the many tears from his loved ones still in their earth’s plan. I thanked my creator for my ability, for as I felt to turn toward his dad, my friend’s energy was standing right beside him. I smiled in my heart, as I felt that although he felt the sadness of his loved ones, he was relaying the peace and happiness that he now had within. I felt that he was also in awe of the hundreds of the lives that he had touched while still in his own earth’s plan.

As I moved to another room, a loved one came to me that knew of my abilities. “Rick, I can see it in your eyes, he is here isn’t he?” I nodded my head and smiled. “I know too. Is he sad?” I relayed that he now has a love and peace within him that he has never felt before. “Is it ok to cry?”

I feel that sadness is an earthly emotion that we are to experience in order for growth. It is an emotion that actually strengthens the love we have within ourselves. For example, I feel that when we cry, the sadness of tears due to a loss of a loved one here on earth’s plan, we also experience the many memories that the loved one touched our own life. We cry when we are in pain, and feel even more joy when the pain subsides. We cry when we are depressed, to allow us to remove the sadness and to enjoy the happiness that is to come. We even cry during happiness, as the love within us expands.

So to answer the question, is it ok to feel sadness? Absolutely so. It is a great emotion given to us by our creator in order for us to understand and to cherish the many beautiful gifts that surround us, and to know that in life everlasting this gift on earth will be left behind… on earth. 
Later on, as we laid his earthly shell into the earth I looked down beside me. There next to me on the ground was a shiny new penny, heads up. I smiled, as I knew this was a physical message to let me know that he was “anew” and for his loved ones to keep their “heads up in happiness, as he was”. I approached the friend and put it in her hand. “I just found this beside me on the ground”. She looked at me and I could tell immediately that she knew also. As one small tear fell from her eye, she smiled with faith.

As the founder of LifesGift, Rick Hayes’s given abilities to relay messages from loved ones who have moved on have brought to those worldwide the understanding that life is eternal… and a moment, is forever cherished. For more information, go to

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