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Witness: Khate
Location: San Jose, California
Date of Encounter: 1998

I used to work part time for five years at this Catholic Church Gift Shop. Normally, when people shop there, they check the quality, the looks of what we sell, bottom line is they take their time, unless they regular there and know what they want already.
Sometime during the year 1998, I noticed this woman buying lots of crosses without taking her time — she looked puzzled and worried. I didn't hesitate to ask her why she's buying so many crosses. She looked at me and took a deep breathe, "well," she said, "It's about my daughter. When she was one year old until about the beginning of her pre-school, she's had this imaginary friend. I always see her playing by herself and talking as if someone's there with her. She would giggle like someone made her laugh. Y'know, I thought it was just an ordinary imaginary friend. Every single day she'd play with this 'friend' until she started going to school and played with real kids all the time. One night she ran to our room crying. I asked her, 'What's going on? Why, what happened?' And she's saying this imaginary friend of her's (which is by the way, she calls Amanda), wanted to play with her and she doesn't want to anymore. She was shaking while crying out loud. I keep asking why, what's wrong with Amanda? Then finally she said, 'She scares me.' And I kinda laughed at her because I thought she liked this Amanda. I insist, asking, 'why is she scaring you?' Then she said because Amanda doesn't have a head!"
Oh my, I freaked out about this and so is this lady while she's telling me. So I told her that St. Benedict is really good for putting away bad spirits, so she bought that one too. Apparently, after two to three weeks, the lady visited me again with her daughter and told me they had moved out because Amanda gets mad at her if she doesn't play with her.

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