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Witness: Cephaltoxin
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date of Encounter: May 2011

My friends and I decided to explore an old abandoned asylum in Kingston, Ontario. It was built in the 1860's and housed insane people that were not wanted in other asylums because they were considered a threat to the population and needed to be locked up. The hospital practiced lobotomies and blood-letting to cure inmates.

So after three hours of driving we get there at around 3 a.m. (dead hour if I'm not mistaken…). We're exploring the place and it has a really creepy ambiance but everything is going well. At one point, we're walking in this big hallway in the cell area. One of my friends starts to whistle a creepy tune just to fool around…and then right when he stops we hear this loud "TOC TOC TOC TOC" coming from a cell nearby. The noise didn't stop, either!

We all paused and looked at each other to make sure it wasn't one of us just trying to scare the others. One of my friends looked in the cell but it was empty. There was no evidence of rats or mice. We could still hear the noise but now it was coming from the end of the hallway. My friend looked at us with a blank face and told us to get the hell out there fast, so we started to walk towards the exit.

Then the noise was coming from right beside us! We all got scared and started to run. As soon we touched the exit door the noise stopped. We got out and I swore that I would never go back. This was my second "exploration" of that place. Nothing happened the first time I visited.

I'm pretty sure the place was empty when we heard that noise. We were already in there for an hour before it started and the place seemed dead calm before that. We heard only the sound of our footsteps and we didn't talk much during the exploration.

We tried to come up with a logical explanation but couldn't. It could not have been someone fooling around because the noise never stopped. Plus, it came from different places – like one second from the cell, the other second from the hallway. Then the noise was right beside us — then nothing.

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