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Witness: Nicole
Location: Houston, Texas
Date of Encounter: 2011

Ok, you know how people tell you that ghosts are fake and just figments of your imagination? I wish!

I was at home sitting in my room reading The Lovely Bones when I heard the strangest knocking on my closet door. I marked my place in the book and got up to look what it might be. Nothing. I went back to reading.

When I was again engrossed in my book, I heard a loud scratching noise, like that of nails on a chalkboard. My head shot up as I looked around the room, only to find my bathroom door open. I thought to myself, "I swear I shut that…" But, it seemed that something opened it.

Now I really couldn't concentrate on my book and the room's temperature started dropping quite considerably. I had to pull the blankets well above my chin in order to keep from freezing. My heart was pounding and I kept shaking. The scratching and the knocking and more noises got louder and louder until I thought I was going to burst. <>
Then suddenly, I felt a hand reach towards me and gently caress my face. I screamed and shot out of bed only to be confronted by a face with a wide mouth as if to swallow me whole. As I cowered in my corner, I heard a loud scream. Then, it was over. The noises stopped and the temperature returned to normal.

Every now and then, I get a knock or a scratch, but never has it happened like that one time.

If you think ghosts aren't real — keep thinking that. And, if you dont believe in ghosts, why are you even on this site? I rest my case!

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