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Witness: Adam
Location: Pippa Passes, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: November 2010

I live in a college dorm. One night, one of my good friends came into my room on the verge of sheer terror. I asked what was wrong he said that a set of decorative skull lights were turning on and off by themselves. He was also hearing strange noises.

I was very curious so I picked up my phone which had a very convenient voice recorder, and went down to his room. I began recording. After a few minutes, the lights did indeed turn themselves on.

My friend turned them off and immediately they came back on again. Well, by that point we were pretty freaked out so we left. We started revieweing the recordings once we got back to my room. At the beginning of the first one was what sounded like a human voice — something that DID NOT sound like us.

As the night progressed we went back down tho their room, and in a jesting manner, I begn to repeat what I believed the recording had stated. At that point, I thought I saw some moving shadows, so I immediantly stopped. I have witnessed other incidences, as well.

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