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Illuminating the Afterlife: Your soul's Journey through the Worlds Beyond by Cyndi DaleIlluminating the Afterlife: Your soul’s Journey through the Worlds Beyond
By Cyndi Dale
Publisher: Sounds True (May 2008)
Pages: 313 – Price: $21.95 review

Cyndi Dale’s new book has a direct, emotional appeal which should attract many readers. It is, literally, about illuminating the afterlife. Dale’s other fine books include Advanced Chakra Healing, and The Seventh Sense, among others.

What fascinates about this nonfiction study of death is its unique approach. It is a perspective and analysis on the soul’s journey between those numerous dimensions of consciousness, and it is written from the perspective of an Intuitive. This Intuitive tells us about the wonders of the afterworlds, and shares the wisdom found there available to all. She states in her very candid, approachable writing style that this information is available to us while we are still alive.

This book contains a storehouse of information for the reader to ponder over and put to use. There is a discussion of what really is heaven and hell, are we reunited with our loved ones after death, the twelve planes of light, an honest approach to what happens to the soul in cases such as sudden death, accidental death, murder, or suicide. A section is devoted to analyzing the entities realm, covering angels, spirit guides, ghosts, and demons, and how these entities may affect you. The discussion on ghosts and spirits is educational and entertaining reading.

There are twenty one chapters plus a conclusion. In addition to death as a topic, other sections cover the planes of light. These planes of light are in sequence, with the first one being the plane of rest. Then comes the plane of evaluation, the plane of healing, the plane of knowledge, the plane of wisdom, the plane of truth, the plane of peace, the plane of momentum, the plane of love, and plane of power, the plane of charity, and finally, the plane of mastery. There is also a discussion of what is the surprising, intricate, thirteenth plane.

This book is a grand look at the afterlife, and what we can expect there.

Highly recommended. Readers of the paranormal will find this a delightful reading experience as will a wide, wide range of readers with different interests who want to know what is waiting for them in the afterlife. Excellent!

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