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Witness: Melissa Castillo
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Date of Encounter: Ongoing

It started with my son being three. He used to talk to my grandmother who passed away 10 years prior to him being born. No one in my family ever talked about her (she had not been very nice). One day on the way home from his daycare he pointed to her old apartment and said that it was grandma's house. Then later, he came running out of his bedroom crying saying grandma was scaring him. My younger son used to sit and stare off into space and laugh and giggle for no reason and his swing would start rocking itself whenever he was upset. When he grew big enough to sleep in a toddler bed, I bought one at a garage sale and he refused to sleep in it. He would rather sleep in a Lego wagon than the bed. I brushed it off for a while, but as he got older he would cry like he was being hurt and would only say his friend was hurting him. A few years later I had a little girl and when she got old enough I repainted the toddler bed and she refused to sleep in it. She would get into her sister's bed in the middle of the night. I tried to break her of that and make her sleep in her own bed by putting her sister's bed on its side when she wasn't here. That didn't work. Instead of sleeping in her bed she would go into the closet and wrap herself up completely in a blanket. My boyfriend has had many of run-ins with this "being," once it even pushed him into the wall and knocked him on the ground. Throughout the years we've had a few minor encounters, but lately it's been quite regular and frightening. I saw a boy's shadow larger than my oldest son in the doorway. When I went to check on them they were both sleeping. The lights and TV turn themselves on in the middle of the night, and my daughter suffers from night terror-like symptoms. She wakes in the middle of the night screaming uncontrollably.

My boyfriend and I have both been attacked in the middle of the night while we sleep. One night I woke up being choked by something unseen, another I was having something small climb up my body really fast and was unable to move. When I was able to wake my boyfriend it leapt onto his face as if trying to smother him. My cat jumped in and scared it away. I'm wondering what else I can do to keep this thing away from my family. I have crosses, rosaries, pictures of Jesus, and we pray regularly. I want to know if it's more than one creature, or if it's changing shapes. There are tall black and white shadows and crazy unexplainable noises. I'm scared and annoyed.

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