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Witness: Mona Leilani
Location: Washington DC
Date of Encounter: Spring 1989

I was reading through your Web site and it gave me the confidence to speak out about what I saw as a child. At age 12, I saw the Angel of Death or what have you. I witnessed him come to a woman whom I had no knowledge of, or have ever spoken with, take her away by giving her direct eye contact. Here's what happened…

It was before summer in 1989. My family was poor and we were being evicted from an apartment in Washington DC. We had to go to court to talk about it with the judge. In the waiting room at the courthouse in DC, there was a woman sitting beside me with a large oxygen tank and a mask over her mouth. She was really heavy and she wore a purple flower dress. I sat beside her. I remember I noticed her oxygen tank and wondered what was wrong with her. Then I heard a knock on the glass, which was right behind me. The seating arrangement was like the chairs were facing the waiting area but your back was to a glass wall that if you looked through you could see the security guards checking people in through an x-ray machine. I looked up when I heard a knock. Three knocks. Bam, bam, bam. Then I looked up and so did the other woman with the oxygen tank. We looked up at the same time. The Angel of Death looked at me with eye contact then looked directly at her. He stared for about 3 seconds at both of us, me first, and then her. When he looked at her, she wheezed a big ughhhhh… then she fell on the ground in front of her chair.

People (adults) started running to her and they said, "Get those kids out of here." I kept saying, "You did not see that man scare her?" Then I looked down the long hallway he walked down and only saw his long black cloak that looks like what judges wear. A black hat, black cape or cloak, and black shoes from the back. He did not look back and his arms were swinging. When I ran to catch up with him, he was gone. The security said no one came in with all black on and they insisted I was crazy and to take me home. I still remember how he looks. He was a medium complexion black guy that was medium build and was older looking. The woman was white. This is a true story.

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